I received my Bachelor's in English from the University of New Mexico concentrating on Professional Writing. So far, my career has allowed me to explore the world, helping non-profits, start ups and Fortune 500 companies in North America, Europe and Australia.

Through professional experience and internship work, I've picked up some skills in software design and development, including usability testing and structured content delivery. I've learned how to use quantitative and qualitative approaches to help develop more intuitive information experiences. And, I'm hoping to push boundaries and bring our craft to the forefront of modern design.

Throughout my career, I've focused on technical writing and editing. I entered the workforce at Raytheon Ktech, a missile systems corporation, where I contracted privately with various organizations at Sandia National Laboratories. Then, I moved into the software development industry, writing interface copy and support documentation for Opera Software in Oslo, Norway.

Currently, I work as a Lead Content Designer for Atlassian in Sydney, Australia, helping shape their software experiences and training materials.